Canada’s Recent Immigration Backlog Persists to 2.6 Million

Canada’s immigration backlog stays at 2.6 million on October 15, 2022. Immigration Refugees and Canada Citizenship (IRCC) hired new staff to fast the processing time of the application. In the next few months, processing time might be decreased.

The backlog data released by IRCC is recent. The application backlog is increased by 1.2 million from the last year 2021.

The people who submitted their application under the permanent residency pathway, temporary residency, and citizenship pathways are worried about the decision. So, we hope IRCC gives the decision on the application soon that was submitted for a long time.

Video Credit: Canada Immigration News

The permanent residency application is increased in large numbers after the express entry draws back from July 6, 2022. The number of people invited in the first draw of express entry is 1500 and the latest draw of express entry invites 4,250 people to apply for their PR application. These draws rise the immigration backlog of the permanent residency application.

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On the other hand, the application backlog for temporary residency and citizenship applications is going to decrease. IRCC has released much news related to the backlog. They have launched an online tracker. So, that people can track their applications online.

Now, Canadian immigration has stopped accepting paper applications day by day. But not properly. They want that everybody submits their application online. It is easy for immigration to process the application online.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Canada’s immigration backlog?

Canada’s recent immigration backlog is 2.6 million. This data is released on Oct 15, 2022. Canada immigration still struggling with the backlogs. They hired new staff in the immigration department to fast the processing time of the application.

When IRCC will clear the backlog?

IRCC hired 1,250 new staff members in the immigration department in the month of August 2022. So, we can expect that the backlog might be decreased in the next couple of months.

What is the fastest visa to Canada?

Express Entry is the fastest way to get PR in Canada. The estimated time of express entry is 6 months. Due to backlog, the processing of express entry is also increased.

How long is IRCC’s background check?

IRCC background check usually takes one week. But after the pandemic this time increased to one month. Each application is processed separately. So, some application takes more time for background check and some do not.

What is immigration backlog meaning?

Immigration backlog means that when any country in the world has a lot of applications for the immigration department. They are not able to process that application on time. The time they take to process the immigrant’s file is too long or beyond the processing time. Then the pile of applications is collected and people wait for them for a long time but it is not processed. So, this is called immigration backlog.