Second largest Lotto Max prize ever in Canada up for grabs tonight

Lotto Max, October 18 won’t resemble any standard draw day as the huge big stake has still gone unclaimed. Additionally, the Maxmillions has now developed to the second greatest in Lotto Max history.

Lotto Max is offering $132 million in top valuing for this evening’s draw with a monstrous $70 million bonanza and an (expected) 62 Maxmillions prizes,” peruses an assertion from OLG.

Until this point in time, the greatest Lotto Max top award on offer was a $70 million bonanza with 70 Maxmillions between the June 18 and June 22 draws.

Furthermore, with the bonanza still accessible after 19 draws, it’s presently the longest that a big stake hasn’t been dominated since the match sent off in 2009.

What was the Lotto Max winning numbers for Friday, October 14?

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The cutoff time to get tickets for the Lotto Max to draw on Tuesday, October 18 is drawing closer and there’s a serious measure of money accessible.

For the fundamental big stake, a cool $70 million is on offer as well as an expected $62 million in individual Maxmillion prizes, which puts the joined all out accessible to be succeeded at $132 million.

Lotto Max

The record for the most noteworthy sum presented in Lotto Max was set in June 2021 when there was a $70 million big stake as well as 70 $1 million Maxmillions, which implied there was $140 million accessible out and out.

When is the next Lotto Max draw?

The following Lotto Max draw is on Tuesday, October 18 and tickets are accessible to be bought until 10:30 p.m. ET on that day. The fundamental bonanza will be $70 million and there will be 62 Maxmillions available for anyone.